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Berda Fruit Co.,Ltd is an importer company based in Guangzhou - China, focusing on fresh fruit importing, marketing and distribution. Through cooperation with our professional business partners and dedication to study the current situation and development of imported fruit business in China market, Berda has accumulated a good reputation and business experience since 1998.

Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market

With the consumption capacity in China has a tremendous improvement, and the demand for imported fruit is growing unceasingly, Berda has been assisting in the rapid growth of Chinese modern agriculture. To guarantee the best and freshest fruit to our customers, is what we strive for. We earnestly hope we can get acquainted with more suppliers and start to work together, to create a bright future together.

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Top class importer of fresh fruit from the Southern Hemisphere

Berda has a wealth of 18 years business experience with imported fruit, the only professional wholesaler dealing with fresh fruit from the Southern Hemisphere, a transnational fruit importer company.

Fresh harvest, direct supply from farm

Cooperation with many farms from the Southern Hemisphere, all the fruit is freshly picked in orchard, and transited to China directly.

Formal importing channel

All products are imported to China through formal channel, ocean-going refrigerated ships, procuring thousands of containers, lawful operation, approved by various kinds of certifications

Safety and Quality Certification System

Each and every batch is safe and clean, as being approved by strict quality certification system

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